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Deal Or No Deal

This game is the online version of the this popular TV game show.

The concept is very simple: you choose one suitcase with an unknown amount of money in it and start revealing and eliminating other money suitcases.
Every once in a while the banker will offer you a sum of money for your suitcase (based on the sums of money that haven't been revealed yet) and you need to decide whether you want to keep your suitcase or take the money.
At the end you either end up with a large sum of money (fake money in this case but on the TV show it's real money) that you either took from the banker or a few bucks that you have in your suitcase (or lots of money that you happened to grab in your suitcase).

It's simpler than it sounds, check it out...
I got $350,000, how bout you?

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If you like this game then check out this variation on the original game: Meal or No Meal. Same concept except you're playing for a meal.

Commander Keen

Commander Keen was one of the classic PC games in the early 90s.
It was a huge hit at the time and was considered the only match for Super Mario Brothers on the PC (for the poor soles who didn't have a Nintendo and wanted a real side-scrolling game).
The game was created by ID Software who later released 6 sequels to Commander Keen, each one of them was better than its predecessor (sorry for the short history lesson here :).

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